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Title: Drunk Chicken Cigars Takes LA Cigar Week by Storm: A Week to Remember! Posted by Desiree E Sylver on September 10, 2023 *Los Angeles, Aug 10-13, 2023* – The City of Angels was recently adorned with the aroma of fine cigars and the laughter of enthusiasts during LA Cigar Week, an unforgettable celebration of […]

Exclusive Look At How Drunk Chicken Cigars Are MadeExclusive Look At How Drunk Chicken Cigars Are Made


The Process Behind Cuban Style Rollers What Makes Drunk Chicken Cigars Special? Drunk Chicken Cigars offer varieties of Cuban style rollers—specialty cigars hand-rolled by master cigar manufacturers in the United States. It’s important to know that not just anybody can wrap cigars. The art of rolling authentic Cuban cigars, like those offered by Drunk Chicken […]