Exclusive Look At How Drunk Chicken Cigars Are Made

The Process Behind Cuban Style Rollers

What Makes Drunk Chicken Cigars Special?

Drunk Chicken Cigars offer varieties of Cuban style rollers—specialty cigars hand-rolled by master cigar manufacturers in the United States. It’s important to know that not just anybody can wrap cigars. The art of rolling authentic Cuban cigars, like those offered by Drunk Chicken Cigars, can take over six years to master.

In addition to the talent and skill necessary to craft our cigars with care, our selective process for choosing the perfect blends of specialty tobaccos sets us apart. At Drunk Chicken Cigars, we use grade A long leaf tobacco, which results in smoke so smooth you’ll want to puff it down to a nub.

Drunk Chicken’s Cigars offer a premium smoking experience for any time of the day—and here’s how we do it.

What is a Cuban Style Roller?

Cigars have a long-standing history as the best way to enjoy tobacco, and the tradition began in Cuba before being brought to Europe by Spanish and Portuguese explorers. Although tobacco is now grown worldwide, the finest tobacco plants and rolling techniques still originate in Cuba.

From planting the seedling to boxing the cigars, Cuban style rollers are unique, authentic, premium cigars.

How are Cuban Cigars Made?

The process of crafting Drunk Chicken Cigars starts in the fields of Central America and ends with professional hand rollers in the United States.

Planting and Growing

The manufacturing process begins indoors, with a tobacco seedling. After six to ten weeks, the saplings are transplanted outdoors.

Depending on the particular qualities and flavors desired as well as the intended use of the leaves, the plants may grow in direct sunlight or be shaded with cloths. Careful pruning and attention are required as the plants mature, which can take several months.

Harvesting and Curing

When the premium tobacco for Drunk Chicken Cigars is harvested, the leaves often already have their purpose. This is because of differences in how the plants were cared for—they cause distinct flavor profiles.

After the leaves are picked one at a time by farmers, they are strung up to be cured in a heated room. This process turns the soft green leaves into dried brown and yellow leaves, and it takes three more months.

Sorting and Fermenting

After the leaves are cured, they get assorted based on color, size, and condition. These factors determine whether they will be used as filler, binders, or outer/inner wrappers—as well as which one of our Drunk Chicken Cigars they will be used for.

Next, the leaves are fermented in boxes known as hogsheads. They will remain there between six months to five years, developing the ideal tastes and aromas needed for each of our premium rollers.

Stripping and Shipping

Next, the stems of the filler leaves must be removed. This ensures the cigars burn evenly, and it is known as stripping. Since our premium cigars are grown in Central America and rolled in the US, the prepared tobacco leaves are then shipped with immense care.

Hand Rolling

Finally, the Drunk Chicken Cigars are rolled. Master rollers pack the cigars evenly with filler. They must then wrap it with an even spiral, with all the leaves facing in the same direction.

The final product is a smooth, shiny wrapping surrounding a decadent Drunk Chicken Cigar, ready to ship out. Discover the wonders of premium Cuban style cigars with Drunk Chicken Cigars selection of rollers.





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