“Hi, My name is Desiree and I am the Founder and CEO of Drunk Chicken Cigars. I Officially started the Company in October 2019. I was born and raised in Maryland but travel extensively. have a PhD in Organizational Leadership and love to learn new things. I started smoking cigars over 20 years ago as a pastime for relaxation, reflecting and rejuvenation. While traveling, I will locate all the local lounges and try to visit as many as I can. I’ve seen how the cigar culture has changed over the last 10 years to include more woman and love how we are now being embraced”

Desiree Sylver


Eric Story


“Hi I’m Eric Story, retired Army vet and the first Ambassador for Drunk Chicken Cigars. I started with the company in November 2020. I currently reside in Maryland, but I’m from Cleveland Ohio. Started smoking cigars while serving in Iraq in 2004. I love traveling to different cities and experiencing the cigar culture in various lounges.”

Armando Gutierrez


“Hi, I’m Armando, but everyone calls me Mando. I started as an Ambassador with Drunk Chicken Cigars in February 2021. I have a beautiful wife named Mina and 4 dogs. I am Texas born and raised and enjoy a nice cigar with friends. I love traveling and meeting new people, especially those in the cigar community. I am passionate about streaming video games and you can find me live at twitch.tv/MandoTheBigDawg if I’m not at a lounge.”